Height restrictions

By Law we must enforce a Height Restriction on some of our rides and attractions, We do however have a policy on some rides, which a “accompanied” adult can ride so the FUN can continue all day!!

Some of the small children’s rides are very tame and do not have a height restriction. If you require information before allowing your child to ride on a children’s ride by all means speak to ride attendant and they will be more than happy to help with advice or a demonstration to show what the ride does or how fast it goes. If your child does not meet the required height restriction they may need an adult to accompany them on the ride for safety reasons, which is 16 years of age or over and all accompanying riders need to have a valid wristband or correct amount of tokens to ride.

All height restrictions are put in place following the guide lines of each attraction for the safety of all our customers.

Thrill Rides
Go Karts Over 1.45m
Free Style 180 Over 1.4m
Giant Booster Over 1.4m


Family Rides
Log Flume Over 1.2m
Waltzers Over 1.2m
The Buzz Over 1.2m
Dodgems Over 1.4m
Twister Over 1.2m
Big Apple Over 1.2m
Dumbos Over 1.2m
Batman Over 1.3m


Children’s Rides
Mini Miami Under 1.4m (No Adults)
Bouncy Tramps Under 1.4m (No Adults)
Bungee Tramps Under 1.4m (No Adults)
Raca-Rama Under 1.4m (No Adults)
Cup & Saucers Under 1.4m (No Adults)

Height Chart

Terms & Conditions

Purchases must be made at least 24 hours prior to arrival

All wristbands once fitted are none refundable, none transferable, if get damaged in any way or tampered with they become void and are none replaceable. You will not be permitted to enter the Tir Prince Fun Park attractions (so look after your wrist bands)

All our wristbands are made from a very unique material and have been tried and tested in all weathers, they are very strong and robust. The management rules are if any tampered bands are discovered they will immediately become void and you will be asked to leave the park.

Online sales once purchased cannot be cancelled, are none refundable and are only valid on chosen arrival date.

No alcohol permitted on the park.

No riding bikes are permitted on the park.

Dogs are permitted but must be kept on a lead at all times.

We are a family run amusement park with the best rides & attractions on the North Wales Coast, for the safety & security of all our customers we have 24 hour CCTV in operation at all times.

We pride ourselves on delivering a full fun packed day out for all the family but please think of safety first and use our attractions responsibly.

The management reserve the right to refuse admission to the Fun Park & Go Karts.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do  I know if I meet the height restriction?

Each ride has its own height board and a height chart is visible at each entrance. Staff are always on hand to help measure anyone to ensure they meet the height limit for each ride. The Ride Operators word is final and we hope you can respect this


I’m only just under the height restriction, can I Please still ride?

No Sorry! Tir Prince Funpark has to enforce the height restrictions as these are in place for your own safety and the safety of others. Although some rides do have an ‘accompanied’ height restriction where those under the limit may ride with a responsible adult.