Thrill Rides

Thrill seekers, hold on & brace yourself for the ride of your life

The thrill rides at Tir Prince Fun Park are not for the faint hearted, with our terrifying roller coaster and our gravity defying booster you are guaranteed to have a thrill of a lifetime when you come and visit Tir Prince Fun Park, Towyn North Wales.


Tir prince Fun Fair is one of the leading North Wales outdoor go karting experiences. Don’t just take our word for it, our Go Karts are fast and the track is testing. Experience the thrills and excitement of Go-Karting in North Wales here at Tir Prince Fun Park Fun Fair.

Free Style 180

The free style 180 ride holds sixteen passengers at a time. The giant pendulum rocks back and forward reaching heights over 180 degrees. The seats rotate around the pendulum and reach a massive 2.5 G-Force. This ride is not for the faint hearted.

Giant Booster

The booster ride is 40 meters high, travels at speeds over 100km/h, and can reach a maximum force of 3.6 G-Force. The ride holds 8 passengers at a time and whilst the ride rotates the passenger vehicles are free spinning and can perform 360-degree rotation. This ride is for pure adrenaline junkies.