Family Rides

Fun For All The Family At Tir Prince Fun Park, Towyn North Wales

We have a selection of rides for the whole family, if you like travelling fast then why not try our Fun Filled Log Flume which will keep you on the edge of your seat and holding on tight. Or maybe the dodgems are more your thing, drive around in one of our sixteen bumper cars trying to bump your family and friends or maybe spinning round and round in our nightclub style waltzer.

 Plenty of family fun filled rides at Tir Prince Fun Park, Towyn North Wales.

Batman Spinning Coaster

Brand new ride!!! New for 2017!! Our brand new Spinning Coaster is a unique mix of roller coaster mayhem and waltzer car. With only a couple of these rides in the Uk were very happy to feature this in our park!!

Log Flume

Enjoy a splash on our wet and wild log flume. this action packed family thrill ride will leave you wanting more! Don’t forget to smile for the camera!


Spin around and around laughing and giggling all the way. This ride has ten cars, and each car can seat a family of 5.

The Buzz

Covered in bright lights and flashing strobes, this ride is enjoyed by all the family.


A firm Favourite at any event! Drive around in one of our sixteen bumper cars trying to bump your family and friends. You may need to be a skilful driver to avoid being bumped yourself. Lots of fun and laughs guaranteed for the whole family. Each car is equipped with two seatbelts for passengers to enjoy the ride also.


One of the oldest types of rides, the twister weaves you in and out of the ride. Hold on tight while the ride gets faster and faster.

Big Apple

This family roller coaster is the perfect ride for everyone to enjoy. Ride along in a giant caterpillar, travel through the big apple and just before you wiz down the big hill give a big smile for your souvenir family photo.


The Carousel is a classic attraction which never disappoints to entertain and put a smile on your face. Ride around on the beautiful horses or sit back in one of the carriages, either way you will have a fun filled time on the Carousel.


Up up and away on the Dumbo Ride, fun for all the family. This ride takes you into the sky in the capable hands of Dumbo the elephant.